Femme Nue

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About the collection


Paintings represent an idea, it is not the true reality. It is what the painter sees and processes as his or her own reality. The abstract of a painting, of these paintings, should reflect the beauty and purity of a women in her bodyIt is for the viewer to decide what the elegant lines and powerful color blocks could represent for them.

The paintings are based on the female nude body. Nudity is pure, one can not hide. Renske uses the lines of her own body as inspiration. While being exposed to her own nudity and recreating her reality from the images, Renske learned to be proud and comfortable in her own body.



Femme Debout I 

120 by 30 cm

Femme Assise I

 120 by 30 cm


Jambe Croisée

 90 by 90 cm

Gros Plan 

70 by 50 cm

Femme Assise II

 90 by 90 cm

Point du Gard 

 60 by 50 cm


Femme Assise III

 60 by 50 cm

Femme Debout 

120 by 30 cm


80 by 60 cm

Jambe Croisée

40 by 30 cm