Daniel Chidiac – Author of a best selling book

Daniel Chidiac – Author of a best selling book

Daniel Chidiac is the author of the best-selling book ‘WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T? You do. The book guides the reader through a physical and emotional journey to unlock their truest potential. The book is now a number one seller on Amazon in many countries (including Germany, Australia, USA). Daniel’s writing has touched millions of people worldwide and currently inspires thousands of people daily

Daniel Chidiac and I had an interview through skype. It was a really nice and natural conversation. I liked speaking with him because he has a clear vision about his life. While talking, he expresses himself very well.  As well Daniel is polite and funny!

Tell me something about yourself and your life before the book?

In school I did accounting and commerce, I did not even know why. I had to choose, and accounting and commerce sounded like something. So I stayed with that, I kept my parents happy and I tried to be good. Until one day I was at a lecture, and there was a guy that worked for a very big accounting firm, He was talking about the job. Instead of being encouraged, the guy made me think I wanted to do something different to the studies I had chosen. I had these feelings of antipathy. I questioned myself; Am I going to walk the same routine every day? I just do not want to work for somebody! I don’t want to have a boss; I want to be my own boss! So at the age of 19 I stepped up and left university.

But I was young, I didn’t know what to do next; I was a little bit lost.

Through WhatsApp you told me that you were involved with a lot of businesses before you started writing. Can you tell me something about that?

In this period I started doing all new jobs. I was doing sales, marketing, I hated them all, but it was just to get some money to pay the bills. When I was around 20 years old, my brother and I distributed our favorite Italian clothing brand in Australia. We took out a loan from the bank and we started to import the clothing from Italy. I had never done anything like that before, I did not always know what I was doing, but I liked the clothing. 

What happened to this business?

Due to the crisis of 2008, we couldn’t survive with our business. It all became too expensive. We had to pack up the shop. This hit my ego, I thought this was the direction of life I wanted to go. It’s like breaking up with your girlfriend that you thought was going to be your wife. Your future is broken into a million pieces, and you don’t know how to put back the pieces. 

I lost the desire to know what my passion was. I didn’t care anymore. I was at such a low point of my life. But that is when I started writing. I started writing through my pain. I started to write down everything that I appreciated in my life. Because I knew it was going to be better than were I was in my life then. 

So you were writing for yourself, without other intention than writing down your feelings on paper?

Exactly, I started to write, as I was finding these feelings within myself. It was loose writings, it was all my thoughts on paper. I had 10 different books written out. I would even pull over the car to write my notes. 

Something was telling me to do it and to continue writing. When you lose the desire, the anxiety and pressure to find out what you want to do in life, and instead you just live and believe, it comes out! 

When you start to learn about yourself, and your own power, you discover actually that you can create anything that you want. If you know this, you can choose, you can choose what you want to do with your life! Freedom comes from choice. When we feel that we don’t have choices, we feel stuck. If we know we have choices, that is where freedom lies. So for that reason choice is a good thing.

When did the moment came that you realized you had to make a book out of your writing?

One year later. It was like a light bulb moment. I remember being on my bed calling one of my close girlfriends, I told her: ‘shit, I know what I need to do. I need to go and write a book. It is going to be big I am telling you!’ It was a stupid but genius moment at the same time. I thought; ‘how on earth have you been able to be writing for one year and now randomly you think about turning it into a book! It was a defining moment in my life.

It is funny that you actually had this enlightening moment where you realized that you wanted to write this book.

Yes, but after that I doubted many times. I doubted a trillion times, of course! It is all a part of life, we all doubt.

You mentioned ‘the system’, the ‘system’ as in ‘society’ which creates jobs and lets people do jobs that they actually don’t really love. Why do you think so many people give in to the system?

The system sabotages their minds. We are put into school when we are young, and we are all taught the same thing. Why?  Every student is different! Every student has different wants, different creativeness and different desires! Why do we tolerate one system? 

The system doesn’t teach you about your thoughts and that you can create the life that you desire. They don’t teach you how powerful you are in controlling your emotions. They don’t teach how much the energy you give out is the energy you get back in life. They don’t teach you that in school, because they don’t want you to know that, because that doesn’t serve the system. The system works on having robots.

There needs to be a system that finds out what that student wants and which helps them move forwards to this direction.

So do you trust that if you strongly believe in something that you can always achieve this?

Yes I do. We have to use our intelligence. It is logical that a midget cannot play NBA basketball. I do believe that you can achieve anything you believe in, but you have to be realistic as well. But if there is nobody really stopping you but you, then you have no excuse, but only you know that you come up with excuses. The midget who is too short to play basketball is not making an excuse. That is a reality.

How do you think people around us affect our dreams? 

I have had many bad comments. I had people who said no one is going to listen to me. There is no point in writing this book. You are too young. You don’t have any qualifications. You don’t have any degrees. So I questioned them; do I need a degree to write a book about my mind and about my emotions and thoughts? But that is how peoples mind work: that is the system! I don’t need somebody to give me the right to write a book. I take the right to write a book. 

You don’t seem to have any fear of the opinions of people around you.

Yes, for sure, I wrote something concerning this the other day; ‘When the love of what you do outweighs the fear of failure. You go for it’. My intention was too pure with this book; I knew that it could help so many people so nothing could stop me. The only thing that could stop me was me.

When I started to follow you on Instagram I received a message from you. Surprisingly, as you have many followers. In this message you wrote that you liked my aura. What does that mean?

Well it was true, because I can tell now while talking to you. It was just the feeling and energy that I like in your pictures. Yes, I like your energy. It is hard to explain, but I had a good vibe. 

I don’t go around Instagram very much. It was weird because you followed the page, and I had just gone on it.  Who knows maybe it was meant to be that we made contact. We get a lot of followers so it was strange that I saw it coming up at that moment. I just clicked your page, I felt like contacting you and yes, here we are.

What do you think about my project of interviewing people with different lifestyles around the world?  

Yes, it sounds good! It is different! I like the idea. I like the idea, because people want to know how somebody else discovered their passion, and why they are passionate about something. Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. People want to know why they don’t know their passion. So they want to learn how others came across it. So, yes, Ithink it is nice for people to read. 

How old are you?

I am twenty. 

Really? Wow, I didn’t expect it. Not because of the way you look but, just when I was twenty I was not where you are right now, maybe because you have travelled a lot. 

How does it make you feel when people see you as an example?

It is a very special feeling. There are 16-years-old thanking me; saying that they are number one tennis players in Germany, footballers that might go to the EPL etc. There are so many big actors and sportsmen and women who read books like this, 10 years ago, before they became big. People connect their own story with the book when reading it. These people had that connection with the author then. Now I am writing the book, for the next generation of big achievers, and I will stay in their minds. That is the special thing about a book; it stays with you forever. 

Were there people that motivated or inspired you, as you inspire the next generation of big achievers?

 I looked at people not from their writing but more what their achievements were. I looked at their power. People like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, and Mohammed Ali. It was more like a respect for them, but not so much that they influenced my work. 

My work was very pure, it was from my soul. I did not read any other books while I was writing. I didn’t want my voice to be changed, and be influenced by other writers.

How is your next book going to be?

It is going to be very powerful. Very psychological, deep, funny but thought provoking. 

Do you have any tips for me and my project of creating this website and interviewing people around the world with different lifestyles?

Yes of course, if you think what you are doing is a good thing, than keep doing it, no matter what. Don’t forget why you are doing it. You have to remember why you are doing it. Is it to inspire people? Is it to help people? Is it to make an impact? It is all right to be a little bit selfish in what you are doing. It is for your own desire, your own happiness, and your own fulfillment.

Never give up. People take 99 steps, and they turn and walk back down the stairs. But they didn’t know if they had taken that one step more, that is where the goal was reached. So sometimes it is right there, but they quit before they get to it. You never know how close it is. Hold on and good things will happen. Keep the faith; make yourself believe. Say it to yourself a 100 times, scream it to yourself. You have to drive that little voice out of your head. The truth is that you can put anything in your head, don’t wait for things to come into your mind. Think about what you want. No matter what it is, then you will start to create a passion for it. Passion is built, not found. You have to think about what you want constantly, and start to become more passionate about it.

What are your plans for now?

I will continue marketing the book. As well, I have another business. I import tattoo equipment, and I supply to 300 shops in Australia.

That is quite different to writing. Do you have tattoos yourselves?

I have, I have a big tattoo on my back. It says; what you think, you believe. What you believe, you create.

And what about your plans for later?

 I want to create and direct a film. So for that reason I want to go to USA. I want to be a big director in Hollywood, who knows. Maybe I will start acting my own work. As I am writing a novel, it is playing in my head like a movie, so I want to create the film.

‘Sometimes I think I am crazy. Sometimes I think to myself, what the hell am I thinking, I am crazy. But anyway I think all artists are fucking crazy.


6 July 2016


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